Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BACK TO THE PAVILLION.................

Few years back on an awful day,

My fate was the one, I thought that betrayed,

To stride fast, to be at the top,

The decision I made, considered as a mistake,

The rules and regulations were equivalent to military regime, that,

Resulted to be “Back to the Pavilion”, as the only thought of mine.

Fed up I was with the strident nature,

The teachers, the officials, all had the same possession,

The perfidious guards were like “Icing on the Cake”,

An idol of honesty but bleak in our case,

The confrontations, the encounter, I had at that time,

Resulted to be “Back to the Pavilion”, as the only thought of mine.

Despite of the subjects of various forms,

Despite of the mandatory class’s norms,

The lectures I bunked that time for elation,

I wish I could do now my 100 percent completion,

I wish I could now be again with those friends of mine,

Seated in the same class, with “Back to the Pavilion” thought, out of my mind.

Blessed I was, to be its part,

Else, where should I have got those memories from?

That was the place I lived up the emotions,

Will miss my pals, proved the last day of dilution,


With changed definition this time of pavilion,

Again I want to be “Back to the Pavilion”.


  1. What more can I say except its really AWESOME

  2. umm...amit...i would totally agree wid dese lines of urs..:)...true to its depth n an amazin piece..:)

  3. @prateek n smriti: thanxx a lot frndss......

  4. Great yaar!! MAan gaye fir se....
    And ya its true that despite all the hell like features of our college we are going to remember those days as one of our best days of life. And definitely it's just because of friends. We are never going to have a life like that and neither the friends like that.

  5. @anu: thanx n seriously yaar, never we r goin to get that lyf back again.......