Friday, August 13, 2010


“Success is how high you bounce when you hit at bottom.”

This is what the lesson I have learned among the pool of various others, the most, during my four years of college life. The different phases I have gone through these four years are really inexplicable. The joys, the sorrows, the emotions, the heartbreaks and desires, and numerous other uncountable feelings have been encountered by me during these four years of college life which surely has left a deep impact somewhere in my mind and hence will always be present somewhere in my memories as “The Best Days of my Life.”

During school days, one use to hear that college and its hostel are the best place where you can enjoy your precious years of life with the fullest and so the saying was real true as I did the same during my college life. The college is not only the place where you’ll be getting full freedom to enjoy but is also the place where you can understand perfectly what life is all about.

The initial months during first year of mine in the college were like a real hell, which was my feeling at that time, and all the credit goes to the ragging period. But as I have said, that the college life has taught me a lot, so among the bunch of various lessons, the one which I learned first was endurance. Now, as I stroll back my memories way back in my first year, I use to think how funny those moments were and the seniors who resembled not less than a demon at that time, turned out to be our best pals after ragging era. Also it was my college life when a phase of sorrow came when I didn’t scored well in exams, but as I have already mentioned about success, I tried my best to cope up with the bests.

It was those four years when I had friendship with few people whom I can say are my best friends now. It was them, with whom I had some of the biggest blasts during college time. May it be the birthday parties, or different trips to different places, or class bunks, or leg pulling of pals and teachers both, all were the one who simply rejuvenated our inner soul and made us to feel like a young lad of five years with no tensions at all and worked as a stress buster, and all these would have been impossible without the presence of friends. So it was my college which provided me with all those stress buster friends who made my life so smooth and so simple over there.

The biggest achievement of a person is to lead to an individual to a right path if he/she is having faith on you. This responsibility also comes on the shoulders of a person in college as soon as he steps into the senior years. The same case happened with me too because I am no exception and hence tried my level best to help out my juniors. It was my college that helped me a lot to make a better person of me and so this always gave me a self satisfaction as helping others is best deed one can do.

It was that place that taught me:

“Live as though the next generation is watching you.”

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