Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sumptuous sets, ravishing stories, blend with awesome acting, are the key ingredients for a perfect series and recently I have completed all the five season of a series which have a way far much better points as compared to that of the above mentioned ingredients, named “SUPERNATURAL SERIES” for the second time.

It all started back in my seventh semester when the craze of this series started to flourish and like all others, I also didn’t remain untouched by it for long. The Sam n Dean (The protagonists of the series) saga then became the integral part of my daily curriculum. Gradually, actually only after two or three episodes itself, I fell for Dean (Not literally...... :(). The one liners, the facial expression, the “Damn I don’t care a hell” attitude, the fun making session of his sibling Sam and all those “Deja Vu” stuffs really can make anyone a fan.

But still I think, how can one be so daring, I mean how could one simply bang into a place full of a bunch of bad omens, how could one simply react to a “GHOST” encounter as “Buddy, why don’t u get the hell outta here!!”, I mean really, “Gosh!! How is it possible????”.

Nevertheless, that extra terrestrial behaviour, that out of the world attitude, were simply part of the script.

“But this fact I forgot last night”.

Last night, near about 12:30 – 12:45 AM, I had this feeling of being in one of those SUPERNATURAL FLICKS. A prejudice has been prevailing since centuries long, that 12’o clock is the time when all the bad powers rise.

Well, last night, I was in the outer most room in my home, the boundary of which is attached with that of the Commissioner of my city. His lush green campus with numerous giant trees which makes it a place of beauty in the morning, makes it to be felt like the topmost haunted place at night. So it was then when I was busy chatting with two of my friends, discussing about the semi final b/w Germany n Spain, that I heard a Scream of a women, literally, it was kinda damn weird and in fact only this much, is really a very big deal for a person like me, who gets frighten with all those ghost stuffs damn seriously. But then came the thought of Dean Winchester to my mind.

The one who cast away ghosts with ROCK SALT n IRON. Immediately, for some time I started thinking like those SUPERNATURAL HEROES and thought to take some salt and bang out to have a look what caused that sound?? But, the moment I was about to rise, the coward Amit, who was overtaken by those TV Heroes for some time, warned me not to do so.

And he won, I realised the reality, the need, the demand of that time was realised by me, and what I did next was simply switched off my laptop, closed the television (Without bothering about those German n Spanish Clash) n simply made my way to Mom’s room :(.

Well, now I can say that last night was the one when I experienced the real Supernatural Moment, the one that made me realise that whatever Sam n Dean might be doing in front of the camera, they would have done the same off reel, the thing I did :(.


  1. nice one, that was very brave of u to even have a thought to confront a ghost because the AMIT i new cannot even think that for a fraction of a second.i m not kidding :)
    achhi likhi hai aage bhi prose likhte rahna mazaa aata hai.

  2. Arun, well I jst exaggerated that point... :(

  3. hahaha..lol
    well brave is the one who accepts his fears..!! so be proud! :)

  4. hehe....why not!, in tht sense, i m brave since my childhood itself n will always be...coz my fear i don think so will ever go.. :(