Sunday, July 4, 2010


So after a long wait, finally now is the time when my friends will be again able to read my latest literary works or I should say, now again I’ll have someone to recite my works to, the way I did during my college days (Well in college it was quite different coz I simply had to rush into my friends room to tell them about my every new work, obviously against their consent... :( ), but this time, it’ll be on a broader horizon, with trillions of people being able to access the blog account of an individual.

So here comes my first post, not a poetical one, in which I would simply like to share few of my experiences which I encountered in the journey of making my mindset to adopt the blog culture. Well I belonged to a college which has produced a class bloggers in a very short span of time (Just a sec, don’t be in a frameset that I am praising my college for this, it’s the talent of those talented chaps, who broke into that place, unknowingly). Also they were the one who always encouraged their colleagues to make a blog account, no matter whether that particular was interested or not, KK being the most practical example (KK, I still remember that project lab session where you were giving your best shot to influence some of the guys, may be the reason was to let an increment in the number of “We The People”, and I still remember you saying “Write anything Yaar”).

On the other hand, most of my friends, i.e. Preetu, PJ, Shashi, AKM, Peter and lots more often asked me to join the blog community, the simple reason behind this was that, it was surely gonna spare them from my directly rushing into their rooms and brutally torturing them with....it’s understood, for they being my initial listeners and torture bearers too..... But how can I let them go so easily??

Now I am missing my listeners, having no one to recite to my torturing J and incendiary (Ironically) work to, which now is making me to feel the importance of blogging, the place where I’ll be able to pen down my emotions, my thoughts, where I’ll be able to enhance my writing skills, and also can continue harassing J my friends too.

So here I enter into the blogging realm, with this one being my FIRST POST...........

P.S.- This one’s dedicated to my above mentioned college mates...........


  1. At last...............
    Welcome to blogophere!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would love to see your great poems here........

  2. Hi bro
    so finally u've entered into the exciting world of blogging. Thats very nice
    but ruk oye jyada khush mat ho, ab hume fir se teri janlewa torture karne wali poems jhelni padegi. Or to or comments b karne honge.

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  4. Thanx frnds......as I have already said, will try to keep up to the expectations..:(

  5. finally u r here
    i really like ur poems and would have always liked to listen more....now i can read more

  6. abe kaisi poems..

    mujhe to kabhi sunai nahin...

    by the way, likhne ke sath-sath unki apni voice me recordings bhi podcast kar diyo.. kasssam se mahaul me char chand lag jayenge...

  7. @kk: abe college mein rarely hi kisi ko batata tha...i mean only few were knowing about this that time...